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Group Tutoring

Group Tutoring
During group tutoring sessions, students work with an experienced tutor who serves as the facilitator for group discussions and problem solving.  The tutor is trained in group study techniques that encourage active learning, and students are encouraged to build problem-solving and critical thinking skills with their classmates.  Group tutoring sessions last one hour, but students are welcome to stay in the center and receive additional one-on-one help before or after the session. 

Math Group Tutoring

Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring

The Learning Center currently offers online tutoring for the following courses: SCIT, math, chemistry, and writing. Online tutoring hours vary by semester; for the most current schedule of online tutoring times, please check the hours listed in the ECC Learning Center Online Tutoring Organization on eCampus. If you have any questions about online tutoring, email ecclearningcenter@dcccd.edu.

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Meet the Tutors

Learning Center Tutors

The Learning Center is staffed by tutors who use a mixture of directive, collaborative, active-listening, and questioning techniques in order to inspire and encourage students. These tutors are a great asset to the Learning Center, and we are glad to have them with us because they are passionate about tutoring.

Math Tutors
Freddie, Nimrod, Eva, Cindy, Dorinda, Nilso, Marisol, Rhyzl, Corey, Ian, Brandon, Mussie, Thomas, Joan, Keesha, Larissa, Felix, Fatema, Victoria, and Solange

Faculty Services

Faculty can make arrangements for a staff member or tutor to visit their classroom and lead workshops on learning strategies.These workshops are available to all classes. Due to the amount of time needed to prepare for these workshops, faculty should schedule them at least two weeks in advance so we can prepare materials for the class. These workshops are detailed and interactive, so faculty should allow sufficient class time for in-class workshops. We offer workshops in the following:

Science Resources

The following links provide resources to assist you in studying for science courses.

Anatomy & Physiology

Hole's Human Anatomy and Physiology textbook website companion: Each site has practice exercises on labeling anatomical structures, which helps you prepare for lab quizzes and practicals.

The site also contains practice multiple choice, true/false, and fill-in-the blank quizzes.

Math Resources

This page offers instructional support for your math courses. Please look around and feel free to drop by the Learning Center for additional assistance.

Road Maps for Success

For more information on the course sequences for the DMAT and MATH programs, click on the following links:>


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