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Instructional Testing

A Proctor Service for El Centro Instructors and Students

Instructional Test Procedures for Instructors
  • Complete a Test Administration Form (TAF) and download the TAF Roster here
    • Provide course name, number, section, test numbers
    • Clearly detail days and test times
    • Carefully detail special instructions
    • Sign to ensure that tests are logged and filed
    • Pick up test AFTER the last date to administer
    • Sign to ensure accountability of all exams
    • Include instructor name on first page of each exam (except departmental exams).

Instructional Test Responsibility for Students
  • The student MUST be listed on the class roster.
    • The student must provide a Test Request Form (TRF) complete with course name, number, section and test numbers.
    • The student must provide a Photo ID and Scantron.
    • No cell phones, pagers, food or drinks are allowed.
    • Bring appropriate Scantron answer sheet
    • Use lockers

Instruction Divisions that are served by the Testing Center
  • Communications/Math
  • Arts/Sciences
  • Business/Public Service
  • Health/Legal
  • Information Technology
  • Telecourse/Cross Campus

Duplicate Request Forms
These forms are used for:
  • White copy - data entry and tracking students, document by initial of staff member who provides the exam to the student (attached to the completed exam for instructor)
  • Yellow copy - student’s record of attendance