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Cross College Testing
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Testing Rooms are monitored by cameras and other computer screen monitoring software.

The Testing Center has set as policy to no longer receive Cross Campus tests via fax.  This is to protect the integrity and security of Cross Campus Testing.  All Cross Campus Tests will be transported through inter-campus mail with a package transmittal (mail) form.
  • The Package Transmittal Form is attached to the inter-campus envelope
  • The appropriate colored copies must be distributed to the proper mailroom, driver or school location
  • Please utilize the Cross Campus Test Work Order as the cover sheet; it is a triplicate form providing space for the:
      • Student name
      • ID number
      • Special instructions
      • Test deadline

    • Original copy is attached to the exam
    • Canary copy goes to the home campus Testing Center
    • Pink copy goes to the instructor
  • Hand delivery is always acceptable.

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