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Academic Probation and Suspension

Academic Suspension/Probation Program

The Academic Suspension/Probation program is a requirement of all students at El Centro College with a GPA (1) below a 2.0.  This program is designed to assist students in achieving academic success and assist in returning to good academic standing.  Click here to learn about Academic Standings (link is external).

Review your Academic Standing
You can view your academic standing on eConnect by accessing My Advising Report (log in required). If you have questions about your academic standing, please consult an academic advisor.

Students on Academic Probation 1, 2, and 3

Students who have a grade point average based on GPA(1) less than 2.0, will be placed on academic probation. While on academic probation, students may have total hours limited, and must register, add, or drop classes with an Academic Advisor.  All classes must be taught in person at El Centro College and students must earn a semester/term GPA (1) of at least 2.0.
Registration deadline dates:
  • Winter Flex Term 2015: Friday December 11
  • Spring 2016: Saturday January 9
  • May Term 2016: Friday May 6
  • Summer I 2016: Friday May 27
  • Summer II 2016: Friday July 1
  • Full Summer 2016: Friday May 27
  • Fall 2016: Wednesday August 17
*Tuition must be received by payment due date.

Students on Suspension, Dismissal, and Indefinite Dismissal. 

  • Suspension: Students on Probation 1, who fail to earn a semester GPA of a 2.0 will be placed on Suspension and must sit out a full semester, before they can petition to return to school
  • Dismissal: Students on Probation 2, who fail to earn a semester GPA of a 2.0 will be placed on Dismissal and must sit out a full year, before they can petition to return to school
  • Indefinite Dismissal: Students on Probation 3, who fail to earn a semester GPA of a 2.0 will be placed on Indefinite Dismissal and must sit out at a minimum a full year, before they can petition. Admission will be granted on a case by case basis.
 Petition and Registration dates:
  • Summer and Fall 2016 - Students who have been out of school less than a year can schedule an appointment to petition starting April 19; all other students need to wait until April 25. The deadline to petition and register is Friday May 27 for Summer 1, Friday July 1 for Summer 2, and Wednesday August 17 for Fall.
  *Tuition must be received by payment due date.
Start the Petition Process
  1. Students on Suspension and Dismissal - Complete the Petition for Readmission form (all responses must be typed.)
    • Print completed petition form.
  2. Students on Indefinite Dismissal - Complete the Letter of Petition (see link for instructions)
    • Print completed letter of petition.
  3. Schedule an appointment with an academic advisor online.  
    • Bring your completed petition form to your appointment.
  4. Update enrollment application with the Admissions Office (A158), if necessary before your appointment.
  5. Know your Financial Aid status by viewing eConnect or visiting the Financial Aid office (A034) Basement Level.
  6. Be able to login to eConnect.
  7. Reflect on courses that may need to be retaken.

***Filing a Readmission petition does not guarantee readmission, students must provide complete and thoughtful responses to the questions listed on the electronic petition form.