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Student Handbook

Student Handbook 2019-2020:


Welcome Letter from the Vice President, Student Services and Enrollment Management

I am so excited to welcome you to the 2019-20 academic year at El Centro College (ECC)! As an ECC student, you are a cherished member of the ECC family; and as a family—we are here to support you in reaching your educational, career, and personal goals. Here at El Centro, we  respect  and  appreciate  the  individual journeys and experiences that each student brings.  We  celebrate  diversity  and  serve students from all walks of life. My colleagues and I are committed to cultivating a supportive environment  where  all  students  can  learn, grow, complete a credential, and successfully (re)enter the workforce or transfer to advance your education.

In my role as Vice President of Student Services and Enrollment Management, I provide leadership for all of the departments designed to support you. This includes individual departments that focus on academic advising, career search materials and skills, counseling support, disability accommodations, student  life  groups  and  activities,  and  many  others.  I  also  serve  as  an advocate for all ECC students. My office is a place where you are welcome to bring forth concerns, suggestions, or questions about your experience as an ECC student.

This handbook is designed to serve as a resource to help you achieve your goals.  Not  only  does  it  provide  information  about  valuable  services  and resources, but it also outlines the rights and responsibilities you have as a student and member of our community. Please take the time to become familiar with the vital information within this handbook. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to connect with me at kstills@dcccd.edu.

I want you to know that the administrators, faculty, and staff at El Centro genuinely  care  about  your  success.  Please  take  advantage  of  all  the resources  and  opportunities  that  are  available  to  you.  I  look  forward  to meeting and engaging with many of you throughout the year. With hard work, an openness to growth, and utilization of resources, you can achieve your goals—and Student Services will be here to support you along the way.

Sincerely, Karen Stills
Vice President, Student Services & Enrollment Management

Student Handbook 2019-2020 cover