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Student Club Resources

Here you can find many of the resources you will need to be a valuable leader and member of your student organization. Click on the links below to access and download important resources.
When it comes to college life involvement the Office of Student Life encourages our students to get out there and join student club or organization.
Find an established student club or organization that sparks your interests or start up one of your very own!

Important Documents:

Risk management:


Steps to Start a New Student Organization

STEP 1:  a minimum of 10 members is required to establish a new student club/organization.
  • Membership is limited to current ECC students, faculty and staff only.
  • Advisors cannot serve as official members (President, VP, Treasurer, etc).
STEP 2 :  Complete a petition of recognition for a student club/organziation in the Office of Student Life
  • Read the Student Club Handbook throroughly.
  • Meet with the Director of the Office of Student Life to review the process for chartering a new student club/organization.
STEP 3 :  Submit a constitution for your student club/organziation to the Office of Student Life.
  • Section two of the Student Club Handbook provides a sample constitution guideline (page 10).
STEP 4 : Members must be enrolled at El Centro College
STEP 5 : Identify an advisor. The primary advisor must be full-time faculty or staff member of El Centro College. Secondary (or co-advisors) must be full-time or part-time employees at El Centro College.
  • If students have difficulty finding an advisor, the Director of OSL will assist in identifying one