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Club Constitution

El Centro College
Environmental Club Constitution

I. Preamble
Let it be known to all concerned that this constitution was drafted during the week of October 26, 2015. Upon ratification by a majority of all club members this constitution shall replace all previous versions of the constitution. It shall serve as the active constitution until the club is either disbanded, ceases to exist, or is replaced by a revised and approved version.
II. Name of Organization:
The name of the organization shall here by be known as the “El Centro College Environmental Club”. In short form it shall be referred to as Environmental.
III. Purpose of Organization:
A. The primary purpose of Environmental Club is to promote alternatives to better El Centro
IV. Requirements for Membership:
A. Membership for the Environmental club an be granted to any interested student, and of staff member currently registered or employees of El Centro Community College..
B. Required dues for membership will be five (5) dollars per academic year.

 I. Two bag of soda cans will also count as dues.

II. Item to be sold for fundraise may also count as dues.

V. Responsibilities of Members:
A. All members must obey the rules and regulations established by the Student Code of Conduct during all club activities.
B. All members must obey any rules of behavior established for any of the facilities utilized by the club.
C. All members are strongly encouraged to check on a regular basis any message boards created for the club as well as their email accounts for news and information pertaining to club activities.
D. The club website is for official club business only. No unrelated content should be posted on the club website. Personal comments are discouraged; attacks on other club members are strictly forbidden.
E. Fighting between club members is prohibited including the use of any weapons; violators will be subject to possible expulsion from the club.
F. No touching club equipment without permission from a current club officer or sponsor.
G. Members are encouraged to bring guests to the club.
H. The use of illegal substance is prohibited at any club sponsored event.
VI. Officers
A. Elections for club officers are to be held on the week before the summer break..
B. The current Officer positions are President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. Other positions will be created when the need arises.
C. Terms of office for all officers will be one year (Fall and Summer semesters) in length unless the officer does not participate in club functions during the second semester of their term.
D. A minimum of 1 club officer or sponsor must be in attendance at all club functions. If this requirement cannot be met, the function in question will be cancelled.
E. Any officer of the Environmental club may be removed from office by a majority vote of officers. The president will be the tie break in such event unless the president is to be removed from office a 2/3 of officers and club members is needed.
F. In the event of removing an officer or of an officer resigning his/her position, Positions will shift up except for the treasurer. The secretary will be appointed be the officers of the club.

VIII. Amendments

A.  The constitution may be amended by a majority vote of the officers of the Environmental Club.
We, members of the El Centro College Environmental Club,  hereby ratify this constitution on the date of _____________________.