​Use the links below to find out which courses in the Logistics Technology program at the colleges of DCCCD you can receive credit for based on your military experience.​ The ACE ID follows the occupation title or designation. 

Military Occupational Specialty

Independent Duty Ashore Logistics Specialist (11/11-Present): NEC-2813-001

Logistics Specialist (5/09-Present): NER-LS-001

Introduction to Expeditionary Logistics (1/07-Present): NV-1405-0041

Warehouse Operations Management (8/95-5/09): NV-1405-0047

Naval Aviation Maintenance Control Management to Indicate Naval Aviation Logistics Command Management Information Systems Organizational Maintenance Activity (10/97-12/10): NV-1408-0047 

Military Courses 

Supply Corps (9/10-Present)

Performance Based Logistics (10/07-Present): DD-1408-0065

Marine Aviation Supply Specialist (9/15-Present): NV-1405-0030

Joint Aviation Supply and Maintenance Material Management (8/72-7/93): NV-1405-0009

Enterprise Life Cycle Logistics Management (5/10-Present): DD-0326-0011

Ship's Serviceman, Class A (12/04-Present): NV-1405-0028

Marine Aviation Supply Specialist (9/15-Present): NV-1405-0030

Naval Aviation Maintenance Program Indoctrination (5/11-Present): NV-1405-0036