Annex I: Public Information

The purpose of this annex is to outline the means, organization and process by which we will provide appropriate information and instructions to the public during emergency situations. This annex also provides for disaster-related public education to be conducted in advance of emergency situations to reduce the likelihood that DCCCD students, employees and visitors will place themselves in hazardous situations that may require an emergency response.

Concept of Operations

A special effort should be made to keep the public informed of the general progress of events. Reporting positive information regarding emergency response will help to reassure the DCCCD community that the situation is under control. Rumor control is a major aspect of the informational program. Public feedback will be used as a measure of the program’s effectiveness.

Education efforts are to be directed toward increasing public awareness about potential hazards and how people should prepare for them. All information and education efforts will rely heavily on the cooperation of every type of internal communications tool (i.e., email, video, websites, classes) and media organization. The public information officer for each district location is responsible for the review and update to this annex. The director of media relations is responsible for coordination at the district level.  All location public information officers will keep the director of media relations updated on location incidents.