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Important Update About the DART GoPass App

This article appeared in the July 2, 2018, issue of the student newsletter.

Let's Start With the Bad News

Starting Aug. 1, the old DART GoPass App will no longer be supported.

But ... there is good news! Drumroll, please ...

New. Improved. And Supercharged: the DART GoPass App

This year, DART rolled out a swanky new version of the GoPass app! So if you haven't yet, you need to update your GoPass app ASAP, so you can take advantage of new features like:

  • Trip planning tools, so you can track buses and trains in real time and plan your trips more easily before you ever leave home.
  • Personalization options, so you can tag your favorite stations and stops.

Two tips for a smooth upgrade:

  • Register using the same phone number associated with your current account. Customer profiles are linked by phone number, which will make it easier to get set up and DARTing around.
  • Enable automatic app updates to ensure you always have the most current app version.

Planning to be a DART Student GoPass user in the fall? Don't worry — the same enrollment requirements still apply. For the Fall and Spring semesters, you'll need to be registered for at least six credit hours for credit students or 96 (or more) contact hours for continuing education students.

And if you're not yet a GoPass user, head to eConnect and fill out the My DART GoPass Application form to get started, or visit the DART Student GoPass website for more information about the program.