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Dallas Saves Helps You Build a Savings Account

This article appeared in a February 2018 issue of the student newsletter.

If you make less than $58,000 a year, you're eligible to get your taxes done for free through the Dallas Community Tax Centers

But there's more.

If you use a minimum of $200 from your tax refund to open a Dallas Saves account (i.e., your rainy-day, emergency fund), Dallas Saves will help build your savings account with an added bonus at the end of the year.

The amount Dallas Saves adds to your account is based on how much you put in the account in 2018: 

  • If you save at least $500, Dallas Saves gives you $200.
  • If you save between $250-$499, Dallas Saves gives you $100.
  • If you save between $50-$249, Dallas Saves gives you $50. 

If you file your taxes for free with the Dallas Community Tax Centers (DCTC), you are automatically eligible for the Dallas Saves program, whether you have a bank account or not. 

You can stay connected with DCTC on Facebook and visit their website to learn more about how DCTC can help you.

Additional Resources

In the January student newsletter, we mentioned My Free Taxes, another program that lets you file your taxes free if you earned less than $66,000 in 2017 and are tech savvy enough to file online. You can learn more about My Free Taxes in the student newsletter archives

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