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Party at Our Place

Have you ever heard someone say, "College was the best time of my life"? 

It's not surprising. Lots of people like to look back at college and want to return (and many do!). You make new friends, learn about things you didn't even know existed and build confidence. In fact, it's kind of like a big party. After all, college has all the essential elements of a great party: 

1. Interesting guests

Any good party has interesting guests — people you can talk to and build relationships with. The same goes for our colleges. You're surrounded by a ton of people with unique talents and passions. And they are exploring those passions alongside you, making films, creating robots, developing presentations, writing poetry … 

2. A fabulous host

That party was unbelievable! When guests can't stop talking about an event, it usually boils down to one crucial element: the host. Whoever runs the party ensures its success. In the classroom, your hosts are your professors. They keep things engaging and inspire you to grow. 

As student blogger Samantha Weller points out, "A great professor can make you enjoy content you don't particularly like, can bring you more confidence in the class, change and expand your perspective on what you already know, and make your overall college experience more enjoyable." 

3. Group bonding activities

From life-size Jenga to Marco Polo, a good party has activities that bring people together. At college, that is called Student Life. Around our colleges there are literally hundreds of student clubs and organizations where you can get involved, network and build new skills. And the best part: Studies show students involved in campus life do better in the classroom. It's a win-win. 

Hint: Looking for male-focused groups? Check out these programs. 

4. Unique décor

Whether it is a birthday or a brunch, an awesome party has unique décor. The same goes for our cutting-edge colleges. All the Dallas Community Colleges have gorgeous facilities, the latest technology and beautiful art. For example, at Richland the science labs are set up in a racetrack design with big glass walls that let in natural light and rotating fixtures depicting science as art. How cool is that? 

5. Live entertainment

Having a DJ or a great band can turn any party into a night to remember. And that's exactly why our colleges' events are so popular. Each campus is busting with performances, guest speakers and athletic showdowns. There is always something to see or do. In fact, just this week we're stargazing at Mountain View! 

6. Thoughtful details

Finally, every great party has an element of surprise. Our colleges have that too — from student ambassadors who will escort you to your first class at El Centro, to a community garden at Brookhaven and sidewalk chalk art at North Lake. Just keep your eyes open for that extra something. It is everywhere!

Are you ready to experience firsthand the challenges and excitement of college to grow you (and your career)? 

Come party at our place! 

You can RSVP — er, we mean register — for Fall classes at But don't wait too long … the closer we get to the start of our party, the longer the lines to get in. 

For party planning help — oops, again we mean for college planning — our outreach team is here to help. Just text us any questions at 214-978-6457. Otherwise, we'll see you there!