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Mind on Your Money? Us Too.

Let's be real: While money isn't everything in life, it certainly is something. Money is what we use to survive in this world. We use it to eat, buy gas, pay rent, see a movie and visit the ER. But our supply of money isn't limitless. We must be wise and manage what we have earned.

The Money Gurus

Just like there are experts who help you manage your health (doctors) or file your taxes (accountants), there are experts who help you manage your money. They are called financial advisors or counselors. They can help you raise your credit score, lower your debt or set a budget.

Sounds nice? We think so too. Especially for DCCCD students who can get financial advice free of charge.

Introducing C2: SAFE

As a DCCCD student, you can take advantage of financial education tools and services through a program called C2: SAFE. 

C2: SAFE has a lot of awesome benefits for students, a few of which are listed below.

With C2:SAFE you can:

  • Get one-on-one help from a financial counselor/coach 
  • Make your money go further  
  • Learn how to budget for short-term and long-term needs 
  • Create a plan to keep you out of debt
  • Attend workshops (online or in-person) 
  • Earn cash for depositing money into savings each month (This final benefit is for income-eligible students.)

Visit the C2: SAFE program page to learn more.

Be Money Smart

Ready to take control of your money?  Gain knowledge (and power) with C2:SAFE! The program is available through Transformanc​e USA. Just be sure to mention that you're a DCCCD student when you call. 

Their number is 214-540-6836, and they are open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-7 p.m.