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Athlete Profile: North Lake Student Olamide Lewis

This article appeared in a December 2016 issue of the student newsletter.

By Zahra Lokhandwala
North Lake News-Register Contributing Writer

Often for an athlete, maintaining a good balance between training and school work can be difficult.

However, when a student has a passion for a game, he or she manages to make everything work in his or her favor.

Olamide Lewis is an example of such a student who manages to balance training and her grades well.

She is an international student from Nigeria who plays as a forward for the Lady Blazers soccer team.

Lewis is not only part of the soccer team but she is also the Vice President of Fundraising for Phi Theta Kappa, Treasurer of the International Club and an officer of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

In addition, she is also involved with Christians on Campus.

When asked about how she manages to keep up with training, school and clubs, she said it’s not that easy.

Lady Blazer soccer forward Olamide Lewis works out in the gymnasium to stay in shape on the soccer field.

“I just know that once you plan ahead of time you try to balance everything. I plan ahead to make sure I’m staying focused in class, training and working. Because I work at the Writing Center and also StudentLife,” Lewis said.

“I have different mentors like, Miss Candace Eldridge and Miss Ida Jagne. Miss Candace, who is our advisor, has really been of great help to me and she also encourages us to plan ahead and get everything done.”

Head coach Adrian Gonzalez has also been of great help to her.

“He doesn’t just talk about soccer, he encourages us to make good grades,” Lewis said. “He is a really great person in and out of the field.”

Back home, Lewis was the only girl and had two brothers. She used to play with them for fun, and ever since then she developed an interest for soccer.

“I really didn’t want to join the soccer team at first because I felt that I wasn’t good enough for college soccer,” Lewis said. “My three best friends, Elisa, Mmesoma and Leonard, motivated me to join and even went on to pay my bills for all things I needed. They are always motivating me.”

Lewis enjoys playing for the team.

“It’s a great experience amidst the girls, they are wonderful people,” she said.

She enjoyed traveling with her team since it was her first time getting out of Texas. They traveled to Louisiana and played against Louisiana State University.

“I got to learn more about teamwork because we stayed together and traveled as a team,” she said. “It was really a great experience.”

She sees herself as a great achiever who likes to make friends and mix with people to get others’ perspective on life. She also tries to find ways in which she can encourage people within her environment and society.

Lewis wants to continue playing soccer even after she transfers.

“Soccer is part of me, it’s something I love doing,” she said. “Hopefully, I see a bright future for me and, after North Lake, I hope to continue playing soccer.”

She plans to transfer to Texas A&M University.

“If given a chance, I would like to play for Texas A&M and also improve on my skills,” she said.