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Improve Your Communication Skills With Toastmasters

This article appeared in an August 2016 issue of the student newsletter.

DCCCD Talks is one of thousands of chapters of Toastmasters International. Open to students, staff, retirees and the general public, the club offers members numerous opportunities to improve communication skills and build leadership experience. DCCCD employees also can earn professional development credits by attending meetings.

Program Principles

Toastmasters is built on four guiding principles:

  1. Experiential Learning – we learn by doing; by giving speeches and fulfilling leadership roles, we practice and improve
  2. Self-paced Program – we learn best at our own pace and comfort level
  3. Peer Feedback – through honest and supportive peer evaluation, we grow and improve
  4. Mentoring – experienced members encourage, guide and support us in our goals and help us to achieve more than we thought possible

Bimonthly Meetings

Toastmasters International was founded in 1924. DCCCD Talks was chartered in October 2013. Chapter meetings are held at the District Office (1601 S. Lamar St.) every other Thursday from noon - 12:45 p.m.

Get Involved

For more information, visit the club website or email DCCCD Talks 2016-2017 President Donna Starks at dstarks@dcccd.edu. You can also check out the Toastmasters International (parent) website at toastmasters.org.

As of August 2016, current DCCCD Talks members include:

  • Iva Bergeron
  • Brenda Epperson
  • Elisa Garcia
  • Lucy Greer
  • Emmanuel Holloway
  • Debbie Hutchison
  • Brittney Iwegbu
  • Lois Jackson
  • Ssatis Jones
  • Delilah Magdaleno
  • Marielle McGregor
  • Eric Moore
  • Traci Morin
  • Donna Starks
  • Phyllis Walker