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Advising Center

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One-on-One Appointment for Current and/or Returning Students

Current Student:  a student who has not had a break in enrollment for the past 12 months/365 days
Returning Student:  a student who has attended El Centro College in the past, but has not been enrolled for the past 12 months/365 days or more

Vision Statement

El Centro College Academic Advising will be recognized nationally as a leader for top-quality academic advising programs.

Mission Statement

The mission of El Centro College Academic Advising is to foster successful teaching and learning experiences.  To create meaningful advising services and engage students in developing academic pathways and educational plans for lifelong learning.

What is Academic Advising?

Academic Advising is a collaborative educational process whereby students and their advisors are partners in meeting and ensuring academic, personal, and career goals.  This partnership requires proactive participation and involvement by both parties. This partnership is a process that is built over the student's entire education career at El Centro College. Both parties have clear responsibilities for ensuring that this partnership is successful.

To Maximize your Advising Experience

  • Review your degree progress before each registration period.
  • Prepare to meet with your Guided Pathway Advisor throughout the semester to make sure you stay on track!
  • Explore transfer and career options.

Meet the Advising Staff

Photo of Sharon James
Sharon James
Manager, Academic Advising
Photo of Maria Salas
Maria Salas
Administrative Assistant II
Photo of Elizabeth Cazares
Elizabeth Cazares
Administrative Clerk

Meet your Guided Pathway Advisor

Photo of Tiffany Bell
Tiffany Bell
Senior Advisor – Pathways
Photo of Shannon Escobar
Shannon Escobar
Senior Advisor – Pathways
Photo of Brian Godwin
Brian Godwin
Senior Advisor – Pathways
Photo of Laura Payne
Laura Payne
Senior Advisor – Pathways
Photo of Alma Martell
Alma Martell
Senior Advisor - Pathways
Photo of Cassandra Temple
Cassandra Temple
Academic Advisor
General Academic Advisement

Contact the Advising Center

El Centro College Advising Center

  • A110
  • eccadvising@dcccd.edu
  • 214-860-2083
  • Office Hours:
    • Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.-7 p.m.;
    • Friday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Monday, Thursday, Friday: Appointments Only
Tuesday, Wednesday: Walk-Ins Only