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Writing Center

Online Writing Resources

The following links will supply lists of online resources for all aspects of writing from getting started to polishing up your grammar. Please feel free to come into the center to discuss any of these concepts with a tutor.

Writing Process

Organization and Development

Revision Strategies

Proofreading and Editing Strategies

Research & Documentation

Models to Follow

Grammar & Punctuation

English as a Second Language

Vocabulary, Usage & Spelling

Online Reading Resources

A Classic Method for Studying Texts: SQ4R: This source from the University of Guleph provides tips on how to get the most out of your reading using the SQ4R method.
Dartmouth's Active Reading: Dartmouth offers a list of resources for those looking to improve their reading comprehension and rate.

General Reference

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary & Thesaurus

Strunk's "Elements of Style"

Ask Oxford: Quotations