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Our Mission

The Learning Center's programs provide supplemental instruction, tutoring, workshops, and technology resources that inspire and aid El Centro College students not only to achieve academic success, but also to become independent learners. These programs support learning by teaching strategies that help increase students' understanding of course content and by introducing and polishing study skills that improve their performance.

Our Goals

The Learning Center will work to:

  • empower our students to become lifelong learners.
  • help each student maximize his / her potential in the classroom.
  • facilitate tutee insights into learning and learning processes.
  • help our students prepare for life beyond El Centro.

Our Beliefs

“In the Learning Center, we believe…”
  • We play a vital role in assisting students as they work toward achieving their academic goals.
  • Every person can learn new processes and acquire new information.
  • What a student brings to the tutoring session (knowledge, confidence, attitude, activities) influences the learning experience.
  • We are a guide, coach, and mentor.
  • Errors are a part of learning and provide the opportunity for understanding.
  • Students, tutors, teachers, and college staff form a collaborative academic team that helps students maximize their potential.
  • Our students are responsible for their own actions.
  • Each student should be treated as an individual because each student comes to us with different skill levels and different strengths and weaknesses.
  • It is better to create an understanding of a process than to produce a temporary product without that understanding. Therefore, we believe in the use of probing questions to encourage discovery and thinking.

NOTE: Our services are offered in support of classes and not as a replacement for classroom instruction. Additionally, we do not provide proofreading or editing, check homework, or assist on tests or quizzes. Faculty can rest assured that the work submitted by the student is his/her own and not the work of the Learning Center tutors.

“Students must present a valid El Centro College or Dallas County Community College system ID at time of visit to receive assistance.”

Contact Us

Downtown Campus
  • Room A350
  • 214-860-2133
  • Fall/Spring Hours of Operation: Mon-Thurs 8:00AM-7:00PM, Fri 8:00AM-4:30PM, Sat 10:00AM-3:00PM
  • Summer Hours of Operation: Mon-Thurs 8:00AM-7:00PM, Fri 8:00AM-4:30PM

West Campus
  • Room W146
  • 972-391-1436
  • Call for current hours of operation.

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