Spring break will be extended one week for students at the colleges of DCCCD.
Classes will not be held March 16-29 as faculty and staff prepare to transition to working, teaching and learning remotely. Please visit dcccd.edu/coronavirus for additional information.

Dallas Fire and Rescue Accuplacer Testing

​Candidates must pass the Civil Service Exam in order to take the Accuplacer. This test is divided into two sections: Reading and Arithmetic. Candidates must pass both sections of this exam in order to advance in the application process. There is no retesting available.

Download a Practice Exam

For Candidates Who Reside in the State of Texas

Candidates who live in the state of Texas will need to contact the DFR recruiting office at (214) 670-0220 to schedule an appointment to take the exam. El Centro Testing Center Staff cannot make any appointments for DFR candidates.

For Candidates Who Reside Outside the State of Texas

Candidates who live outside the state of Texas have the option to take the Accuplacer exam at a local college or university as a proctored service.  These candidates will need to submit a request to Ron Johnson at ronjohnson@dcccd.edu. Please include your name, city, and state. A proctor agreement will be sent to you to take to a college or university of your choice for them to fill out. Once the proctor agreement is returned to Mr. Johnson, the exam credentials will be forwarded to the institution. When this is done, the candidate will be notified to schedule an appointment with the institution to take the exam. All candidates are financially responsible for any proctor fees the institution may charge, if any. NOTE: Public libraries cannot be used for proctoring for this exam.

For Candidates that are Exempt from Testing

For candidates that are exempt from testing due to last year’s passing test scores, no further action will be needed. All results from last year have been forwarded to Dallas Fire-Rescue.
For candidates that are exempt from testing due to their status as a National Registered Paramedic, you will need to contact the recruiting office at (214) 670-0220 and request to be place on the exemption list.