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Credit by Examination

Earn college credit through Credit-by-Examination

El Centro College has developed "Credit by Exam" options. Registration materials are available. There is a $25 fee for each examination.

Who can test for credit-by-examination?
  • Students who already meet the requirements of a course by experience or training
  • Students who are not currently enrolled in the actual course of the examination
  • Students who are currently enrolled at the college that receives the credit-by-examination
  • Final acceptance of credit-by-examination for specific degree purposes is determined by the degree-granting institution.

How many exams can I take? When will I receive scores? What grade can I earn?
  • You may earn as many credits through examination as your ability permits and needs require.
  • At least 25% of the credit hours required for graduation must be taken through instruction.
  • Credit by examination may be attempted only one time for any given course.
  • A minimum score must be earned in order for credit to be recorded.
  • Those who successfully complete an approved credit-by-examination may choose to have either the grade earned or "CR" recorded on the transcript.
  • Only letter grades of A, B, or C for credit-by-examination will be calculated into the GPA.
  • Scores of "CR" are recorded to the transcript, but not factored into your GPA.

What are the courses for Credit by Examination? What are the tests that are offered?
  • The Registrar's Office has information about the courses for which credit-by-exam is available.
  • Tests to take at El Centro: CLEP, Instructor Made Exams, AP
  • Tests to take at BJP: DANTES