Spring 2020 classes have resumed online.
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Testing Roadmap

For the New Student in Initial Testing

  1. Student must first speak to an academic advisor in order to determine which part of the TSI Assessment  or Placement Exam should be taken for proper assessment
  2. Advisor must refer student to the Testing Center with a Test Referral Form indicating student’s name, student’s ID number and noted Placement Exam requirements
  3. Student can obtain practice test and helpful information regarding the TSI Assessment placement exam from the Pre-Assessment Activity  session, Advising office or the Testing Center
  4. Student should take the TSI Assessment within a reasonable time which would allow him / her to be advised and able to register for courses before the beginning of the semester (Students should keep in mind, the longer they wait before taking the Placement Exam, classes are being filled and that the Referral Form expires after 30 days.)
  5. Student must provide the issued Test Referral Form with proper photo ID at the time of testing (Student’s ID number is required)
  6. Student is granted 1st testing session of TSI Assessment / placement exam free of charge (Retakes are available at a $10.00 fee per subject)
  7. Scores are immediately available and issued by the Testing Center
  8. Students are given an unofficial stamped copy of their Score Report and the scores are updated in student’s school record
  9. Students must then take the unofficial stamped Score Report to an Academic Advisor
  10. An Academic Advisor will assess the results and advise on appropriate course selection
  11. Student seeking a retest must speak to an Academic Advisor. An Academic Advisor must issue the “Retest Referral Form” to the student in order for the student to be allowed to retest
  12. Student must visit the Cashier’s Office with the issued Referral document and pay the fee for each section being retaken before going to the Testing Center
  13. Once a student has been issued the “Retest Referral Form” they have 14 days from the date the form was issued to take the retest (Students will not be allowed to take the retest after the 14 day period has elapsed)
  14. Student must provide the following items at the time of retest: Valid Photo ID, Student ID Number, Retest Referral Form and Cashier’s Receipt
  15. Student will be given a new unofficial stamped Score Report to take to the Academic Advisor