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Vocational Nursing Program FAQ

How do I get started in the LVN program?

The best place for you to start is the LVN information packet, which details all requirements to be accepted into the program. Attend an information session; get upcoming dates:

  • Online
  • In person at the Health Occupations Admission Office on the first floor of the Center for Allied Health and Nursing in the Paramount Building, located in the West End of Downtown Dallas at 301 North Market Street. Please note that this building is located one block northwest of the main El Centro campus.
  • By calling 972-860-5001

What are the sections required on the HESI test?

We require a minimum score of 70 to 75 on the five sections of the HESI A2 entrance exam.
What about IV certification?

Our program does not currently have a stand-alone IV certification class; it is taught in the nursing programs.
What about VN refresher courses?

VN refresher courses are not included in our credit program. Check each semester’s Continuing Education schedule, or call the El Centro Continuing Education division 214-860-2147 to see if one is offered in the semester you are looking for.

What are expected hours? Are night classes and weekend clinicals available?

Our clinicals at present are on weekdays during daytime hours, and do not include night and weekend hours. Some of the institutions which offer these additional hours are much more costly than ours.

What about transferring other college credit into El Centro’s VN program?

Please check with an El Centro allied health advisor. Any educational experience you have had would need to be evaluated by our district education specialists; they will request the course numbers and catalog descriptions of the courses you wish to transfer.

This may be easier done in person. You can reach our education specialist at 972-860-5003. Please note that in many cases, students have to complete our entire curriculum of classes due to the vast difference from other curriculums.

Can I complete prerequisites in summer and still apply for Fall?

No. The deadline for applying to our program with complete qualified applications is May 31 each year before the coming fall semester. You must have prerequisites completed with a 3.0 GPA before applying to the program.
What if I’ve been out of nursing practice for many years or am coming from another state?

It may be as simple as a refresher with appropriate documentation of your completed program and transcript or perhaps taking a full program and the board exam for Texas. Please check with an El Centro allied health advisor.

For details about graduation rates, program costs and other important information, view the gainful employment disclosure.