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El Centro College is a member of the, IBM Academic Initiativeto ensure that students have the latest technology and tools that support the culture of open standards throughout the industry. Students are encouraged to join as individuals to build collaborative partnerships with IBM and other institutions in the open source community. Thousands of business enterprises in the Dallas area use IBM i and/or Blade computer systems. All courses are also offered online and may be taken for credit or non-credit.

Join the Global Economy
Take advantage of IBM’s developerWorks resources and community and connect with other students and technology experts, build skills, and discover the resources you need to find a job and succeed in the 21st century.

Enterprise Development Courses Currently Being Offered:
  • Programming Logic and Design (ITSE 1429)
  • System Administration and File Management concepts (ITSC 1411, 2442)
  • PHP Programming (ITSE 1406)
  • RPG Programming (ITSE 1414, 1440)
  • Database Theory & Design (ITSE 1346)
  • See Class Schedule for offerings.
Courses taken for credit can be applied toward the following: