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We appreciate your support and relish the opportunity to hone our developing culinary skills!
We hope you join us for lunch!

Dining Room, Room C100

Access the dining room from the Market St. entrance.
Cost is still very affordable at $12.00 and reservations are required!

Tickets go on sale at 9:00 AM Friday mornings.
To make a reservation, call 214-860-2217 include name & number in party.
 Once your reservation is made and confirmed, you may call 214-860-2048 to pay by credit card.
Seating for lunch is from 11:30 AM - 11:45 AM.

IN SPRING 2016 we present:

International Cuisine Lunch on Thursdays beginning on February 4th.
Get your passport for a trip around the world with cuisine from distant countries!

Moroccan Cuisine
April 28, 2016

First Course - Choice of:
Moroccan Cigar ( Meat Stuffed Phyllo)
with Spiced Tomato Dip
Harira Soup (Tomato/Lentil Soup)

Entrée - Choice of:
Braised Beef
Chicken Kebabs
Served with Couscous and Fried Baby Carrots

Dessert - Choice of:
Date Toffee Pudding Cake
Fig, Almond and Lemon Snake Pastry

African Coriander Bread
Harsha (Moroccan Flatbread)
Rosemary Crackers
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