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Community Health Care Worker

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COMMUNITY HEALTH WORKERS (CHW) are advocates for individual and community health needs. They develop and implement health care needs by conducting informal counseling and providing referral and follow-up services. Hospitals, churches, clinics, insurance companies and non-profit organizations all need the services of Community Health Care Workers. There are three courses offered in the program; Introduction to Community Health, Wellness and Health Promotion, and a Practicum for Community Health Services. Grant funding for those who qualify. For more information, please contact our El Centro staff, mtafoya@dcccd.edu on Wednesdays and Fridays at Sharing Life. Please go to www.elcentrocollege.edu/sites/default/files/programs/1_application_chw_2... for updated course information. .

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POFT 1013 54011
CHW Professional Workforce Prep
This class is open for SU2016 Registrations
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This course addresses preparation for career success including ethics, interpersonal relations, professional attire, and advancement. This course utilizes the KeyTrain® system (self-paced, web-based) to improve career skills (work habits, communication, workplace effectiveness and business etiquette.) You must have a valid email and student ID to access the e-campus site. This program is offered at Sharing Life Community Outreach. See Advisor David Jimenez at 214.860.2262 or e-mail djimenez@dcccd.edu for approval and additional information. 

Please go to to http://www.elcentrocollege.edu/sites/default/files/programs/1_application_chw_215_august.p The Community Health Worker Class Schedule is subject to changes and updates until registration for each class.








For details about graduation rates, program costs and other important information, view the gainful employment disclosure.