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As you know, employees and students at the colleges of DCCCD can visit the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) special exhibits at a discount price.

Now, not only can we see the latest exhibit. We can also help create it!

The DMA is inviting us to work with artists Steven and William Ladd from July 29 – Aug. 9 to contribute to an artwork that will be included in the Speechless exhibition at the DMA.

How to join the fun 

Stop by the DMA for one of the upcoming Scrollathon workshops to get involved. All ages are welcome (no art skills or experience necessary, just a passion for exploration and creativity)!


The 45-minute Scrollathon workshops are hands-on workshops, where you will have the opportunity to work with the Ladd Brothers, learn more about their process, and contribute to an artwork in the upcoming Speechless exhibition.

You can see the dates of upcoming Scrollathon workshops and register here!


Who all is going?

Over the course of two weeks, approximately 1,000 Dallas residents will contribute to the project, ranging from DMA staff and volunteers to youth, adults, and families from partner organizations throughout Dallas. All participants will be invited to experience their work in the exhibition this fall and will receive a copy of the related Scrollathon Pamphlet, which will feature an image of the collaborative work and portraits of the participants.


The history of the Scrollathon

Brothers Steven and William Ladd began collaborating as artists in 2000. Their work is included in major museum and private collections internationally.


Their values are threefold:

  • Spend your life doing what you love
  • Be Focused and Disciplined
  • Collaborate (there is awesome power in community!)


The Scrollathon began in 2006, when Steven and William were invited to work with students in their hometown of Saint Louis, Missouri. It has evolved into a way to introduce the brothers' values and encourage participants to identify their own values.

Participants of all abilities succeed at making a simple scroll and use it as a lens for personal storytelling. The project has reached over 6,000 participants worldwide of all ages.


"You cannot tell me that these kids don't walk away with a deeper sense of who they are and what they can be, just by working with artists that tell them that they can," says Terrie Sultan, Director of the Parrish Art Museum.


The Scrollathon strives to reach diverse communities, especially those who may have little exposure to the arts. Through partnerships, the program has received funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, Knight Foundation and Bloomberg Philanthropies.

A Scrollathon participant proudly displays his scroll
Detail of collaborative artwork made with 1,000 people
Steven and William photograph each participant