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(May 1, 2019) Dallas, TX – School officials at El Centro College in downtown Dallas announced the creation of an Associate Degree program in Architecture, to be implemented this fall.

The degree, properly known as the Associate of Science with a Field of Study in Architecture, will be a two-year degree, transferable into any public university bachelor's program in Architecture in the State of Texas. It will consist of 24 credit hours of Core academic courses and 36 credit hours of undergraduate Architecture courses.

According to Douglas Vail, AIA, the Program Coordinator and faculty for Architecture at El Centro College, "The implementation of this degree program represents a significant step forward for the school and puts El Centro students on an expedited path toward getting their bachelor’s degree in architecture, and eventual Architectural Registration."

Information on the degree program can be found at

For more information, please contact Douglas Vail, program coordinator, at 214-860-2713 or