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Staff - Range N03

Job Description Listing

Effective September, 2017

TK8 Academic Advisor (PDF - 142KB)N
​NC0Accounts Payable Specialist (PDF - 42KB)​N
​CTGAdministrative Assistant (PDF - 365KB)​N
TE0 Assistant Accountant (PDF - 40KB)N
T29 Career Planning Specialist (PDF - 141KB)N
CTP Carpenter (PDF - 151KB)N
CPU Continued Education Office Coordinator (PDF - 191KB)N
CBK College Financial Aid Advisor (PDF - 48KB)N
​T82College Video Film Maker (PDF - 239KB)​N
EAG Coordinator of Multimedia Productions (PDF - 41KB)N
CL8 Curriculum Specialist II (PDF - 41KB)N
​CTKDegree Audit Specialist (PDF - 214KB)N​
CI5 District Transcript Evaluator (PDF - 40KB)
TP8 Electrician Apprentice (PDF - 48KB)N
P30 Facilities Maintenance Service Technician I (PDF - 40KB)N
P29 Facilities Support Services Assistant II (PDF - 49KB)N
CZ0 Financial Aid Information Call Center Agent (PDF - 42KB)N
CH3 Head Athletic Coach (PDF - 117KB) N
​TATHelpdesk Support Specialist II (PDF - 242KB)​N
CTE Human Resources Specialist I (PDF - 115KB)N
TN7 HVAC Technician I (PDF - 17KB)N
CDU Instructional Specialist - Non-Teaching (PDF - 143KB)N
CL0 International Student Specialist II (PDF - 40KB)N
CQ7 Marketing Information Specialist (PDF - 40KB)N
CQM Outreach and Recruitment Specialist (PDF - 139KB)N
​P69 ​Painter II (PDF - 214KB)​N
EAT PEIMS Data Specialist (PDF - 40KB)N
N47 Photographer (PDF - 40KB) N
TD6 Program Services Specialist (PDF - 41KB)N
​CTOPurchasing Transaction Specialist (PDF - 227KB)​N
​CTLRecords Management Analyst (PDF - 177KB)N​
TA5 Rehabilitation Specialist (PDF - 252KB)N
CPR Room Use Coordinator (PDF - 42KB)N
EAD Senior Specialist, Student Publications (PDF - 40KB)N
​TCSService Desk Analyst I (PDF - 255KB)​N
TN9 Shipping and Receiving, Inventory Clerk III (PDF - 45KB)N
CB7 Student Programs Development Coordinator (PDF - 41KB)N
​TDSSystem Support Specialist I (PDF - 218KB)​N
CBE Team Leader, Financial Aid (PDF - 49KB)N