Taking College Classes

Ninth-grade students take their first college class as a cohort. Students take El Centro classes designated as dual credit. Beginnning in the summer after ninth grade or tentth grade, students take an El Centro class with the genereal college population. Dual credit classes earn college credit and credit toward high school graduation. Each following semester, students may take more college classes, up to three or four a semester, by their senior year. Some of these college classes may be concurrent classes which count only for college credit.

Before students can take most El Centro classes, they must make an acceptable score on the TSI test. TSI is an online version of the SAT. Students must schedule the test through the ECHS Counselor. The test is taken in the El Centro Assessment Center.

Enrolling in El Centro classes involves both the ECHS and El Centro counseling staffs. ECHS students enrolled in El Centro classes will be assigned a ECHS faculty member as a mentor to monitor their progress and offer academic support. Students are responsible for meeting all expectations of the El Centro classes in which they are enrolled, remaining current on all assignments, and meeting regularly with their mentor.

Students are not allowed to withdraw (drop) from an El Centro class without first meeting with the ECHS counselor and the Principal to obtain permission. Students should be aware that grades in all El Centro College classes, including W’s and F’s, become part of their permanent college transcript.

Textbooks for El Centro College classes are purchased with the resources of ECHS, Dallas ISD, or El Centro with certain limitations. Students should secure specific information about the required books for their college courses at the first class meeting, and bring that information to the ECHS office. ECHS will obtain the textbooks which must be returned to ECHS at the end of the semester. Students who fail to return college books will be required to pay the replacement price for a new book. Students are not allowed to exchange, trade, or resell college books.

The Dallas ISD and El Centro College pay for tuition and books for dual credit classes. Students may have to pay tuition for some concurrent credit classes. 
For details about graduation rates, program costs and other important information, view the gainful employment disclosure.