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Health and Legal Studies

Employee NamePosition TitlePhone
Becker, Joan   ADM @NLCDean of Nursing Program972-860-5098/972-273
Chaudhry, Rajni  ECC 9th FloorFaculty214-860-2420
Cuevas, Angelica   ECC 9th floorFaculty214-860-2397
Elliott, Sheila Faculty214-860-2332
Espinoza, Ceaser  ADM ECC 9th FloorDirector of Paralegal Studies214-860-2310
Flores, Alexander EMT/Paramedic Faculty214-860-5946
Freeman, Terrie  @NLCFaculty972-273-3212
Geier, Katherine  @NLCSkill Lab Coordinator972-273-3253
Gonzalez, Lalo  Asst. Director of Energy Management972-860-5012
Gordon, Una  @NLCRetention Specialist972-860-3933
Griffin, Denise  @NLCFaculty214-860-3205
Hardin, Pei-Ling   @NLCFaculty972-273-3209
Jagi, Deborah Faculty/ Paralegal Coordinator214-860-2320
Johnson, Debra  @NLCFaculty972-273-3944
Knox, Dudley  ECC 9th floorFaculty214-860-2309
Lock, Lisa  ECC 9th floorProgram Director214-860-2304
Madden, Christy  ECC 9th floorFaculty214-860-2319
Martin, Don  ADMDirector of Allied Health214-860-5099
Miller, Natasha  ECC 9th floorFaculty972-860-2464
Moyer, Gretchen  @NLCFaculty972-273-3214
Nash, Matthew Faculty214-860-2288
Neal, Diane  @NLCFaculty972-273-3238
Perkins, Brenda   @NLCFaculty972-273-3211
Rosenberger, Paul Faculty214-860-2679
Thompson, Chris Director of EMT/Paramedic214-860-2414
Torres, Nenita  @NLCFaculty972-273-3086
Umpierre, Christina  @NLCFaculty972-273-3210
Wentz, John  ECC 9th FloorFaculty214-860-2372
Wilson, Kimberly Administrative Assistant 214-860-2269
Winters, Gregory  Faculty214-860-2214
ADM = College Administrator

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972-860-5016 (Fax)