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Business, Design and Public Service

Employee NamePosition TitlePhone
Anthony, Michael Faculty (Fashion Design)214-860-2350
Bozzelli, Cindy Lab Coordinator214-860-2213
Carlson, Brenda Coordinator/Faculty (Fashion Design)214-860-2344
Davis, Lea Faculty214-860-2204
DeShazo, Steve  ADMDirector Food and Hospitality Institute214-860-2652
Goh, Swee Faculty214-860-2203
Gowans, Regina Adm. Asst. Bus. Pub. Svc./R Bldg214-860-2621
Haynes, Russell  ADMAssociate Instructional Dean, Business and Information Technology214-860-2688
Hodges, William Faculty214-860-2716
Kerr, Olivia Faculty214-860-2280
LaLonde, Chris Faculty214-860-2209
Macdonald, Anne Faculty214-860-2636
Marquez, Juanita  SPFaculty214-860-2602
Martinez, Eliazar Faculty214-860-2312
Martinez, Juanita  SPSecretary Bus/Pub. Svc 214-860-2202
McGough, Adam Faculty (Conflict Management)214-860-2393
Minnis, Rosalinda  SPFaculty Counselor214-860-2074
Samples, Alvin Faculty/Coord. Fire Protection @ BJP214-860-5716
Schmidt, Ronald Faculty214-860-2296
Sonnier, Beth Faculty214-860-2368
Sullivan, Marilyn Faculty214-860-2379
Talbot, Rise Coordinator/Faculty (Interior Design)214-860-2353
Wood, Mary Instructional Associate214-860-2293
Yearwood , Jessie Faculty214-860-2608
Zhang, Bonnie Faculty214-860-2371
ADM = College Administrator
SP = Speaks Spanish

Department Location

Phone Numbers

214-860-2202 (Business/Public Service)
214-860-2688 (Info Tech)
214-860-2217 (Food/Hospitality)
214-860-2315 (Food/Hosp PC Lab)
214-860-2049 (Fax)
214-860-2340 (Fax)