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Academic Transfer

Employee NamePosition TitlePhone
Armstrong, Dean  ADMCoordinator/Faculty (Drama/Humanities)214-860-2254
Arumugam, Deva Faculty ENGL/DWRI214-860-2239
Bradley, Jacquie Coordinator DWRI/ENGL214-860-2648
Brown, Cynthia Faculty (Government)214-860-2310
Buford, Vicki Admin Asst. (A443)214-860-2337
Carter, William Faculty214-860-2312
Clayton, Alexis Coordinator Teacher Prep.214-860-2485
Conrad, Wayne Faculty214-860-2258
Copeland, Roger  ADMAssociate Instructional Dean, Academic Transfer Division214-860-2080
DesPlas, Rosemary Coordinator/Faculty (Art)214-860-2436
Fletcher, Robin SPCH214-860-2238
Gaines, Melissa Executive Assistant for Academic Transfer214-860-2227
Garrett, Randall Art Gallery Director214-860-2115
Gonzalez, Joselyn Coordinator Human Development214-860-2285
Gray, Lauren Instructional Assistant (Art)214-860-2085
Gregory, Jeff Coordinator ESOL214-860-2323
Guerrero, Carolyn Administrative Assistant II214-860-2110
Hernandez, Omar (Edmundo) Faculty (Art)214-860-2343
Hickerson, Jon Coordinator SPCH214-860-2418
Howard, Rahime-Malik Faculty (Coordinator)214-860-2736
Jones, Jerry Coordinator/Faculty (Music)214-860-2341
Key, Rachel  ENGL 214-860-2463
Mansueto, Anthony  ADMExecutive Dean for Academic Transfer214-860-2693
Maxwell, Mwauna Coordinator Learning Framework214-860-2733
Menchaca, Richard DREA214-860-2259
Michele, Gay Faculty (Government/Coordinator)214-860-2152
Moralez, Eduardo Faculty HIST214-860-2380
Nguyen, Hai Instructional Support Associate214-860-2412
Ogbeide, Mike Faculty (History/Coordinator)214-860-2055
Payne, Derrick SPCH214-860-2788
Phillips, Laurie ENGL/DWRI214-860-2105
Rose, Joshua Faculty Art214-860-2476
Schulze, Samantha ENGL/DWRI214-860-2092
Shepherd, Mark ENGL214-860-2250
Smith, Dorothy Faculty Counselor214-860-2396
Smith, William  ADMAssociate Instructional Dean, Comm/Math/Dev. Ed./Teacher Prep214-860-2497
Soto, Juan Manuel  SPCoordinator World Languages214-860-2249
Stone, Michael ENGL214-860-2797
Taylor, Angela Faculty ENGL/DWRI214-860-2380
Taylor, Vanessa Faculty (Drama)214-860-2443
Thames, Mark Faculty (Philosophy/Religion)214-860-2697
Theriot, Lisa  ADMFaculty (HDEV)214-860-2247
Wear, Cheryl DREA214-860-2462
Weston, Melissa Faculty (Psychology/Coordinator)214-860-2400
Williams, ShaunTricia Executive Assistant 214-860-2227
ADM = College Administrator
SP = Speaks Spanish

Department Location

Phone Numbers

214-860-2612 (Fax)


A341 (Students) A442 (Faculty)