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World Languages Lab

"He who knows two languages is worth double."
"El que sabe dos idiomas vale por dos."
"L'homme qui parle deux langues vaut deux hommes."

The goal of the World Languages Lab at El Centro College is to provide the opportunity for our students to accelerate language acquisition through the use of computer resources. By using modern computer programs, students are enabled to see, hear, speak, and write in the new language. They are exposed to the sounds, grammar, and sentence structure of the language, as well as knowledge of the culture that uses the language. During the time they are in the language lab they "swim in the waters" of the new language and thus grow in their communication skills.

Who Can Use the Lab?

The World Languages Lab, also known as the Computer Lab, welcomes all students registered to study a language, both Credit and Continuing Education students. In addition, all registered ECC students are encouraged to use the computer lab for general computer needs. Current languages offered at El Centro College vary, please check with Foreign Languages Coordinator.

Available Programs

The World Languages Lab provides all our students the use of state-of-the-art computer equipment and software. The following special software programs are available for student use:


MyEnglishLab: AZAR Interactive (Grammar)
This program begins with an engaging cartoon character who clearly explains the major grammatical concept of the respective chapters. An extensive series of exercises follows which gives the student substantial practice in using each grammatical point. Through practice, students gain a clear understanding of English mechanics, conventions, and grammar usage.

Cambridge LMS: Writing is a four-level online program designed to help students develop their online writing and composition skills. Students in the ESOL writing classes use this online program to write short essays and acquire key writing skills, which will be essential future academic endeavors. Immediate feedback, which evaluates the grammar, mechanics, style, organization, and more, is provided. The instructor will outline the course-work online in cadence with what is taught in the classroom. Different levels will use different books to capitalize on essential skills.
Visit Cambridge to find out more:

  1. Level 1 and 2: MyEnglishLab
  2. Level 3 and 4: Cambridge English Final Draft

Students taking reading/writing courses use this on-line program to do exercises and strengthen their ability in essential reading skills such as using context clues to help determine the meaning of unfamiliar words, recognizing the main idea of a passage as well as its support details, and recognizing patterns of organization, inferences, and an author purpose and tone. The main focus for lab work will hone in on vocabulary acquisition. Pronunciator is a fun and free way to learn any of 87 languages with self-directed lessons, live teachers, movies, music, and more. This is one of the various programs we offer at the World Languages Lab. You can learn for free today by clicking HERE or visit the World Languages Lab to find out more.
  1. Townsend Press
  2. Reading Explorer

Spanish, French, and Italian

Students use QuiaBooks, an online learning tool which has workbook assignments and a lab manual to supplement in-class instructions. Audio and video components are part of this interactive computer generated learning environment. Students create account at (link is external) for access into the virtual workstation. (Visit the website and sign-up for a free 30-days trial.) Students in our courses have several options for obtaining course materials, please click HERE.

Language Lab Requirement Students taking Credit ESOL courses must complete, for each course, approximately 2 hours of lab assignments outside of class. Likewise, Credit Foreign Language students should spend at least 110 minutes per week practicing their target language using similar online programs. Most of these online programs can be accessed from any internet connected computer while some programs are only accessible in the lab (see below for programs available).

Programs Available at the World Languages Lab