World Languages

El Centro College offers 7 academic Spanish courses, all of which may be used to transfer to four-year colleges and universities.

These courses are: SPAN 1300 (Intro to Spanish and Spanish for Medical Personnel), SPAN 1411, SPAN 1412, SPAN 2311, SPAN 2312, and SPAN 2313.

El Centro also offers 3 academic French courses: FREN 1300, FREN 1411, and FREN 1412.

What is taught in these classes?

Effective communication in basic survival situations that require the ability to greet, ask questions, express basic needs, attitudes, and emotions; exchange information; and persuade are at the foundation of the Spanish program. Perception of all Spanish sounds and their distinction from each other is made clear from the very beginning classes. The ability to guess at unfamiliar vocabulary is based on the context of dialogue study and performance. Students work in small groups or in pairs.

The courses offered introduce simple Spanish prose on nontechnical, high-frequency topics. Often students are asked to write on topics covered by the text with sufficient clarity to be understood without difficulty by a native speaker.

World Languages Faculty and Staff

​Juan Manuel Soto​Faculty & Coordinator​214-860-2249​​R323
​Jose Tamez​Faculty​​R320