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Robin DeFleice, Technology, STEM Intern

I took my first IT class in 2011 I started with a basic Microsoft Office class, and the next semester I took Web Design I.  I went onto complete an Introduction to Programming and Logic and Java Programming. This spring semester 2013, I was enrolled in WordPress, Photoshop, Managing and Developing Websites and Flash I.

During one of my lab sessions I overheard a little bit about the Internship Program for IT students.  After getting prepared for interviews with Cristina Lawson, I got my first interview and got hired to work with a team of other STEM Intern students.  Our internship position, was to revise and manage the STEM website and make it user friendly.

I am honored to have been a part of the STEM Internship program, and it has inspired me to continue with my education. My success in this program goes to Ms. Adrienne Thompson,  Stem Center Coordinator, Ms. Cristina Lawson, Outreach Coordinator, Manasseh Lee, IT Instructor, Don Bittinger, IT Instructor, Bonnie Zhang, IT Instructor, and the students on the web management team.

Emmanuel Garcia, Engineering,  STEM Intern

I've always been interested in math. Originally I wanted to major in architecture. Then I began to look into the engineering aspect. I wanted to know how buildings, infrastructure were designed and created. This passion for building eventually translated into computers. That's how I ended up majoring in Computer Engineering. I plan on transferring to UTA where I will continue my studies. The STEM program was a big part of this process.

I originally heard about STEM through one my professors. He mentioned it on the off chance that I might be interested. I took a chance and went to speak with internship coordinator at the STEM offices. I went through the application for an intern and before you knew it, I was happy to be an intern at STEM.

My role in stem was a web content manager. I managed the STEM website content, information and tried to make the site more aesthetically pleasing. I surveyed man on how I could improve the site and built on upon that throughout my the internship process.

Overall it was a great learning experience. From the internship, I learned everything from being independent, cooperating with different people and personalities, learned how to keep up with a schedule, and how to be professional in a work environment. My favorite part was having the chance to work with many people thoughout the internship. I learned how others thought, learned to appreciate their methods and expanded my own mind because of it.

I believe a STEM internship can help anyone interested in a STEM field. There are many internships available and certainly any one of them would be of great help. It helps you decide on what career field you would like to enter and gets you the work experience you need for the future. I definitely recommend it.

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