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STEM Ambassador Program

The STEM Ambassador Program provides El Centro STEM majors opportunities to enrich their educational experience.

The El Centro STEM Ambassadors exemplify the STEM Center's values of engagement, excellence, and professionalism.  Students who take part in this program go above and beyond the standard curriculum by completing honors projects, service learning, peer mentorship, and outreach.  STEM Ambassadors set themselves apart by dedicating their time to academic and professional advancement.

What do STEM Ambassadors do?

All STEM ambassadors will gain valuable extra-curricular experience and participate in professional development workshops to add to their résumés and thus make their applications for university, scholarships, and jobs more competitive.

STEM ambassadors can select at least one of three tracks for each semester they wish to participate in the program.  These tracks are:

  • Honors: Complete and honors research project for a STEM course in order to receive honors credit on your transcript (must also receive an A or B in the course).  Your project must be approved by your instructor but the possibilities are endless. Some possibilities include completing a scientific experiment, designing and building a robot, creating an app, or researching and presenting on a special topic in STEM.
  • Service Learning: Volunteer at least 15 hours throughout the semester at a service learning agency related to your field of study and complete a reflection project to reflect on what you learned during your experience and to make connections with your course curriculum.
  • Peer Mentor: Volunteer at least 15 hours throughout the semester as a STEM Center tutor and/or outreach assistant.  If you've successfully completed one or more STEM courses you can create a schedule of days and times when you will be available in the STEM Center to provide tutoring for your selected subject area.  You may also volunteer hours toward outreach initiatives to raise awareness of STEM careers and STEM Center programs on campus and beyond.

Whichever track you choose, the STEM Center team is available to assist with project ideas and to help guide your progress throughout the semester.  The STEM Center will also host professional development workshops for the Ambassador program including,  Resume Writing and Interview Skills, Outreach Presentation Best Practices, Finding and Applying for Scholarships, and more.

What are the requirements to participate in the STEM Ambassador program?

To participate in the STEM Ambassador program a student must:

  • Be enrolled in an El Centro STEM Course.  To be a Peer Mentor you must have successfully completed a college level STEM course.
  • Have at least a 3.0 GPA or special recommendation from a STEM faculty
  • Have your project approved by your STEM instructor when you apply in order to receive honors or service learning credit
  • Complete all required documentation (application and other documents pertaining to your selected track)
  • Participate in at least 3 STEM Center workshops during the semester or other approved professional development workshop

STEM Ambassadors that successfully complete all requirements will receive a Certificate of Completion and a Letter of Recommendation at the end of the semester.

How to I become a STEM ambassador?

Steps to becoming a STEM Ambassador include:

  • Meet with the STEM Services Coordinator to discuss your interest and the details requirements for each track. 
  • Check with your STEM instructor to verify they will offer an honors option for the course, give extra credit or service learning or recommend you as a peer mentor.  Must have approval by certification date (Fall and Spring= 12th class day, Summer = 4th class day).
  • Turn in a STEM Ambassador application with instructor signature and other required documents pertaining to your track to the STEM Services Coordinator

Once you complete these steps you will officially be a STEM Ambassador.

Can I be a STEM Ambassador for more than one semester?

Yes! As long as you are enrolled at El Centro you can participate in the STEM Ambassador program.  Students who complete 3 semesters as a STEM Ambassador are eligible for special awards, such as:

STEM "All Around" Ambassador Award- student who completes all three Ambassador Tracks

STEM Honors Scholar- student who receives 12 credit hours worth of honors credit in STEM courses

STEM Service Award- student who completes at least 45 service learning hours and 3 reflection projects

STEM Peer Mentor Platinum- student who completes 3 semesters as a volunteer peer mentor

For more information about the STEM Ambassador program and to get an application visit the El Centro STEM Center (CM-60) on the mezzanine (2nd floor) of the C-building.

Rebecca Britt
STEM Services Coordinator
El Centro College