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K-12 Outreach

In order to foster students in science, technology, engineering, and math the STEM Center would like to visit your K-12 Classroom and supplement your curriculum with hands-on activities to improve engagement and understanding of STEM subjects and workshops to guide students into a successful STEM degree and career.

Choose From:
Elementary STEM
Introduce your students to the world of science, technology, engineering, and math with these fun activities
  • Simulate real scientists by performing a chromatography experiment
  • Interact with a color sorting robot, identify its parts, and learn some basics of computer programming
  • Practice being an engineer by building bridges out of popsicle sticks
  • Lean how math is used in our everyday lives and in various careers
Force, Motion and Energy
Using the Carolina™ Introduction to Force and Motion kit, students will use a hands on approach to investigate friction, force, mass, velocity, and acceleration
Discovering Topographic Maps
Hands on activities introduce students to topographic maps
Electro-pneumatic Robotics
Using the Fischertechnik™ RoboTX ElectroPneumatic Kit students learn the principles of fluid power systems, reading an electric circuit diagram, and the principles of computer programming to control a robot
Amusement Park Math: Graphing Practice Using K’NEX Amusement Park Rides
Make math exciting by using the K’Nex Education Amusement Park Carousel to examine the property of slope as a rate of change
For more information about these outreach modules check out the ECC STEM Module Catalog 

Choose From:

Science Study Skills
Help your students discover their learning style and figure out strategies to help them better comprehend and retain scientific information

Building a Résumé
Students will learn the basics on résumés format and how to showcase their skills and accomplishments

STEM Career Presentations
Do your students need guidance on finding career options?  Our STEM Career Presentations showcase the importance and STEM Careers and highlight a variety of STEM fields and how to pursue them.

STEM Workforce Interview Skills
Students can practice their interview techniques and learn ways to improve the impressions they make through self-evaluations and instructor appraisals
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