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Program Paths

What you can do in the Program for Philosophy and Religion at El Centro College:

Take Individual Courses
  • pursue an interest
  • go with a friend
  • meet a requirement (for your program, for the Core Curriculum, for...)
  • explore something new

Focus on a Program
  • satisfy your interests, curiosity, and concerns as far as you can take them
  • use philosophy and religion to provide foundations for, connections between, or a capstone to your other courses
  • concentrate in Philosophy and Religion
  • do an honors concentration in Philosophy and Religion
  • get an associate’s degree in Philosophy and Religion
  • set yourself up for transfer to a university philosophy or religion major

Taking Individual Courses
At El Centro, anyone who has developmental reading and writing and English proficiency can take any course in Philosophy and Religion. There are lots of ways to do what you want to do. Here is a guide...

For Most of Us
Most people will take one course in the program. Usually this is PHIL 1301, Introduction to Philosophy, or RELI 1304, Major World Religions. These are Core Curriculum courses which fulfill Core area Humanities and Arts, Category III. Specific degree plans in other fields also may require one or the other of these two courses. Each course is designed to serve both as an introduction and a survey, that is, to provide a complete course experience, while at the same time acting as a gateway to further study in the field. In addition, PHIL 2306, Ethics, is a useful perspective on other degree programs, especially practical and professional fields like business, nursing and allied health fields, negotiation / mediation, paralegal, and IT. These three courses are offered every long semester, and 1301 and 1304 every semester. Click on the course below to find out more.
PHIL 1301 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 2306 Ethics
RELI 1304 Major World Religions
For the Weird and the Wonderful
There are some people—and you may be one of them—who know going in that they want to deal with the sorts of questions that philosophy and religion address. Many other people don’t know that to start with. Some of you, though, for a great variety of reasons, might discover, in talking with friends or in taking the introductory courses, that you find yourself with a drive or an appetite to go deeper into some issue or area. For all of you, we are delighted to offer several other courses. There are no prerequisites to taking them, although PHIL 1301 and RELI 1304 may make it easier to quickly understand what’s going on, and 2000-level (sophomore) classes can be challenging for some new students. We offer these courses occasionally, at least one or two of them per long semester. Click on the course to find out more about it. Note that some are Core Curriculum courses.
PHIL 2303 Logic
PHIL 2307 Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL 2316 Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
PHIL 2317 Modern Philosophy
PHIL 2318 Contemporary Philosophy (i.e., 1900 to the present)
PHIL 2389 Academic Cooperative in Philosophy
RELI 1316 Religion in American Culture
RELI 1317 History and Literature of the Bible
RELI 2321 Contemporary Religious Problems
Focused Studies in Philosophy and Religion
Whether you are considering majoring in philosophy or religion for a bachelor’s degree, or simply want to emphasize this area in your El Centro studies, the College offers several ways to recognize your interest and effort.

Program Concentration
A concentration in Philosophy and Religion may be a matter of personal satisfaction and interest, or may prepare a student for university studies of various kinds, especially majors in philosophy or religion.

Program Honors (Academic Transfer Discipline Studies Award in Philosophy)
Whatever else you are doing, you can get an honors certification in philosophy and religion by meeting the requirements for this award. This may be achieved in connection with becoming a College Honors Scholar, or on its own.

For more information
Flyer: Academic Transfer Discipline Studies Award in Philosophy (pdf)

Also see: El Centro College Honors Program
Degree (Associate of Arts with an Emphasis in Philosophy and Religion)
Whether you are looking to wrap your studies in this area up into a nice associate’s package, or you intend to transfer to a major in philosophy or religion in a university, or want a strong and demonstrated background and competency in critical thinking and in dealing with intellectual and cultural diversity, the A.A. in Philosophy and Religion may be right for you.

For more information
Flyer: Associate of Arts Emphasis Degree (pdf)

Degree Plan - Philosophy and Religion: Example of a Degree Plan (pdf)