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Texas A&M-Chevron Engineering Benefits

​Engineering Academy at El Centro College and Richland College: Benefits

     Benefits of the Texas A&M Engineering Academy at El Centro College and Richland College include:

  • Being co-enrolled at Texas A&M University and El Centro or Richland. Engineering students in the Engineering Academy program enroll in one engineering course through Texas A&M each semester. These courses are taught by Texas A&M faculty at the Center for Design on the El Centro campus. All math, science and other core curriculum courses are taken through El Centro or Richland;
  • Smaller student-faculty ratios in math and science courses, which build the foundation in engineering;
  • Opportunities to participate in student activities and organizations at both institutions to the fullest extent possible;
  • Substantial financial savings! Engineering students in the Engineering Academy program are charged tuition and fees by the institution through which each course is registered. Texas A&M coursework is registered in absentia which allows for a deduction in fees for services not used by students enrolled in a course conducted away from the Texas A&M-College Station campus;
  • Automatic admission to the first choice engineering major at the end of the second semester for engineering students who earn a minimum 3.5 cumulative grade point average (CGPA) at both Texas A&M and either El Centro or Richland and who complete the required coursework.


El Centro College and Richland College Collaboration


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