Literacy Link

The El Centro Literacy Link is an initiative surrounding a common book  that encompasses reading and writing and is meant to be a co-curricular interdisciplinary project that engages the students, employees, and greater community in the collective experience of reading and discussing a common text.  During each spring semester, a new text is selected for exploration during the next academic year with the goal of selecting a text that has application across an array of academic disciplines.

Get Involved:

We are distributing FREE copies to students. Students can pick up a copy in the Library or office of student life. We encourage faculty to obtain a personal copy so they can read the book and get involved. Don't be a spectator! Think critically and engage in the college community, get a copy today and start reading!

Participate in the Literacy link events! Check out upcoming events by clicking the events tab. Make sure you get your book mark signed after you attend and participate in each event. Students who have attended multiple events will be eligible to attend a VIP FREE lunch with the author of Midnight in Mexico, Alfredo Corchado. Turn your book mark in at the end of the semester for a chance to win a FREE VIP ticket to the catered lunch with the author! Don't delay, start attending and engaging in activities today. We want to see you at the VIP Lunch and you will get to ask Mr. Corchado, the Author, all your burning questions, so get started on them while you read.

Honors Option:

Students, inquire with your instructor about the Honors option in your course. They may have assignments centered around the common book that you can complete for Honors credit. Discretion is up to the Professor.

Professors, consider using the common book as a component of your Honors option, in your course.

Literacy Link Student Learning Outcomes :
  1. Encourage cross-curricular critical reading while supporting and enhancing academic writing skills.
  2.  Via a common text, provide a platform that encourages community involvement and promotes both acclimation to and cross-curricular engagement with El Centro College campus life.
El Centro Literacy Link Committee:
Joselyn Gonzalez                                  Samantha Schulze
  214-860-2285                                      214-860-2092