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Institute of English Language Training

Welcome to an overview of the Institute of English Language Training (IELT) at El Centro College.


Our mission is to provide intensive English language training for F1 international students that will enable them to achieve their academic, employment, and professional goals.

What is The Institute of English Language Training (IELT)?

The Institute of English Language Training at El Centro College is an intensive English program designed to help equip F-1 international students with the necessary English language skills they need to study in American colleges and universities, as well as help equip those planning to work in fields where English is the primary language.

What will I study at The Institute of English Language Training?

Our students will be trained in the four primary language skills necessary for effective and accurate communication:  listening and speaking, grammar, reading, and writing in English. All of these four language skills are each taught on four different levels. Upon arrival at our college you will be referred to take an English placement test which will determine the appropriate level that you should begin your studies.

Who will teach me?

The faculty of the Institute of English Language Training at El Centro College is comprised of highly trained and experienced instructors.  They are especially equipped and knowledgeable in the particular English skills that international students who speak other languages need to learn in order to communicate accurately and effectively in English.

Where will I study?

We are located in the heart of Downtown Dallas at El Centro College’s main campus. We are a centralized campus which is easily accessible by DART public transportation system from all areas of Dallas.

Why should I study at The Institute of English Language Training?

There are a number of reasons why we recommend that you study English at IELT.  The first reason is because of the quality and dedication of our teachers.  They are all professionally trained and experienced in teaching English to speakers of other languages. In addition, our instructors take a personal interest in our students, seeking to provide not only academic instruction, but personal encouragement to our students during their time with us.

The second reason we recommend that you join our program is because of the language learning materials that we use. Both our textbooks and software materials are thoughtfully selected so that you have excellent resources to assist you in becoming successful in acquiring increasing competency in the English language.

The third way that you can benefit from our IELT is because you will be sitting in class with students who have immigrated to the U.S.A and many have been living here for several years. Their knowledge of the English language and the American culture can help you in your acquisition of English and your adjustment to life in Dallas, Texas. You will have the opportunity to become a participant in the International Club, which is comprised of both F-1 international students and immigrant students.

The fourth reason our IELT is a good choice for you is because of the various degree programs we offer at our college that international students can transition into after they complete their English language program. Some of these fields include nursing, fashion design and marketing, culinary arts, business, para-legal, and many more.

The fifth reason we commend our IELT to you is because you will have the benefit of taking advantage of all the student resources at our college such as the Learning Center where students get one-on-one tutoring in their coursework, the library, the gym, and computer labs, including the Reading Lab and World Languages Lab.

The sixth reason our program can be an asset to you is that we have excellent advisors available in our Multicultural Center to assist you in academic advising and other matters related to your participation in our program.

A seventh reason you should consider our program is because of its relatively inexpensive cost compared to other Intensive English Programs: approximately $1,866.00 per sixteen (16) week semester for tuition, books, and fees.

The eighth reason we recommend that you study at our college is because of its central location in downtown Dallas, Texas (link is external), just blocks away from museums, restaurants, financial firms, and the Arts District.  The modern DART transportation system of trains and buses provides access to most parts of the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area.
Students on a field trip to Dallas Museum of Art
Another benefit from attending El Centro College is that fulltime students receive a free DART pass and they do not have to worry about parking an automobile downtown.

When will I study?

The Institute of English Language Training at El Centro College is a year-around program offering admission for our fall, spring, and summer semesters. The program consists of four levels of instruction. Each week students will receive a total of 18 hours of classroom and lab instruction.

Both our fall and spring semesters are each 16 weeks in length, while our summer semester is in a more compressed schedule of 10 weeks.

During the final level of the IELT, level 4, our F-1 international students are encouraged to begin their math courses, as well as take either Education 1300 or Psychology 1313. These two courses are designed to provide a theoretical and practical foundation in human growth and development across the life span. These courses are organized around different topics, including, but not limited to, educational and career planning, self-regulation, critical thinking, learning theory, cognitive development, and strategies for success in college.

ESOL Semester Progression Plan for IELT Students

Note: the following classes for the IELT Program must be taken during the weekdays – IELT courses are not offered in the evenings or on Saturday.
Hours Per Week Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4
3Grammar Level 1Grammar Level 2Grammar Level 3Grammar Level 4
3Reading Level 1Reading Level 2Reading Level 3Reading Level 4
3Writing Level 1Writing Level 2Writing Level 3Writing Level 4
3Listening/Speaking Level 1Listening/Speaking Level 1Listening/Speaking Level 1Listening/Speaking Level 1
2English Conversation ClassEnglish Conversation ClassEnglish Conversation ClassEnglish Conversation Class
3Language LabLanguage LabLanguage LabLanguage Lab

Psyt 1301 or Educ 1300 (optional)

Math Course (optional)
Total:20 Hours20 Hours20 Hours20-26 Hours

Note: the level at which students begin their studies is determined by the Compass English placement test. They take this test soon after arriving at our college.

Students are required to take the same level for all 5 of the academic courses. The level of courses at which students begin is usually determined by the lowest level indicated in either Reading or Writing/Grammar as determined by the Compass English placement test.
Upon completion of ESOL courses, students can begin regular college courses and degree programs immediately.

Students in the IELT program should expect to spend several days a week, from 8:00AM until later in the afternoon, in instructional classes, English conversation classes, and the language lab.

The summer semester is compressed into 8 weeks and the weekly requirement for participation in the program is 28 hours.