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Institute of English Language Training

Welcome to an overview of the Institute of English Language Training (IELT) at El Centro College.


Our mission is to provide intensive English language training for F1 international students that will enable them to achieve their academic, employment, and professional goals.

What is The Institute of English Language Training (IELT)?

The Institute of English Language Training at El Centro College is an intensive English program designed to help equip F-1 international students with the necessary English language skills they need to study in American colleges and universities, as well as help equip those planning to work in fields where English is the primary language.

What will I study at The Institute of English Language Training?

Our students will be trained in the four primary language skills necessary for effective and accurate communication:  listening and speaking, grammar, reading, and writing in English. All of these four language skills are each taught on four different levels. Upon arrival at our college you will be referred to take an English placement test which will determine the appropriate level that you should begin your studies.

Who will teach me?

The faculty of the Institute of English Language Training at El Centro College is comprised of highly trained and experienced instructors.  They are especially equipped and knowledgeable in the particular English skills that international students who speak other languages need to learn in order to communicate accurately and effectively in English.

Where will I study?

El Centro College’s main campus is located in the heart of downtown Dallas, Texas, just blocks away from museums, restaurants, financial firms, and the Arts District. Our centralized campus is easily accessible by DART public transportation system from all areas of Dallas. Full-time students receive a free DART pass and they do not have to worry about parking an automobile downtown.

What is the cost?

Our IELT program of study is relatively inexpensive compared to other intensive English programs. The approximate cost is $1800.00 per sixteen-week semester and includes tuition, books, and fees.

Why should I study at The Institute of English Language Training?

The IELT was designed to allow students to seamlessly transition to a college level program after they complete their English language training. El Centro College offers a variety of degree programs including nursing, fashion design and marketing, culinary arts, business, paralegal, STEM, teacher preparation, and many more. However, our program is not just for students seeking a college degree. Many students who have already completed a college program join our program to improve their English language skills in order to achieve professional goals.

Students on a field trip to Dallas Museum of Art

El Centro College has many student resources such as the Learning Center for one-on-one tutoring, the library, the Wellness Center, and computer labs, including the World Languages Lab. Excellent advisors available in the Multicultural Center assist students in academic advising and other matters related to their educational journey. All of these services are offered at no additional cost to our students.

Classroom instruction is interactive and engaging so that students constantly use the skills they are learning throughout each class session. Our instructors have graduate level training and years of experience teaching English to speakers of other languages. They take a personal interest in their students, seeking to provide not only academic instruction, but personal encouragement. Academic materials including textbooks and online content have been thoughtfully selected so that students have excellent resources to assist them in improving their English language skills.

IELT students have opportunities to interact with native speakers and American culture on campus and in the larger Dallas community through various events and excursions each semester.  The Multicultural Club, which is comprised of both F-1 international students and immigrant students, provides students with further opportunities to practice their English, engage in cultural exchange, and build leadership skills.

When will I study?

The Institute of English Language Training at El Centro College is a year-around program offering admission for our fall, spring, and summer semesters. The program consists of four levels of instruction. Each week students will receive a total of 18 hours of classroom and lab instruction. Both our fall and spring semesters are each 16 weeks in length, while our summer semester is a compressed schedule of 8 weeks. English classes are offered Monday through Thursday between the hours of 8-12:20 during the fall and spring semesters.

IELT Level Progression

The plan of study consists of sixteen courses divided into four proficiency levels and four skill areas (Listening-Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Grammar). A student takes an English placement test to determine the appropriate level of classes to begin study.  IELT students spend a minimum of 18 hours on campus and must take all 5 ESOL courses per level as well as complete 3 hours of lab work in the World Languages Lab.

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4


& Speaking

3 hours

ESOL 0031 ESOL 0032 ESOL 0033 ESOL 0034


3 hours

ESOL 0041 ESOL 0042 ESOL 0043 ESOL 0044


3 hours

ESOL 0051 ESOL 0052 ESOL 0053 ESOL 0054


3 hours

ESOL 0061 ESOL 0062 ESOL 0063 ESOL 0064

Supplemental Course

3 hours

ESOL 0066 ESOL 0066 ESOL 0046 ESOL 0046 or ESOL 0036

Lab Work

3 hours


World Languages Computer Lab World Languages Computer Lab World Languages Computer Lab World Languages Computer Lab

Students are promoted to the next level if they meet two criteria: a passing average for the level and a passing reading and writing average. When students successfully complete level 4 or obtain the required score on the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) assessment, they are eligible to enroll in college level courses.