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Microsoft Certified Application Specialist Certification

Microsoft Certified Application Specialist Certification

The Microsoft Certified Application Specialist Certification provides an industry-recognized standard for measuring an individual's mastery of Office applications in the areas of word processing, spreadsheets, database, and software presentation. It represents a globally recognized standard for demonstrating desktop skills using Microsoft Office products.

The Microsoft Certified Application Specialist Certification program will prepare students to use Microsoft Office products and enhance higher-level skills required by employers for emerging occupations.

Why Should You Seek Microsoft Office Certification?

By passing one or more Microsoft Office certification exams, you demonstrate your proficiency in a given Office application to employers, and this helps you gain a competitive edge in the job marketplace.

Becoming Microsoft Certified Application Specialist gives you the credentials you need to prove that you know how to use Microsoft Office applications efficiently and productively, and that you have the comprehensive skills needed to drive a wide range of tasks to completion.

How Can You Begin Your Training?

  • Step 1: Select and Enroll in the Course(s) of Your Choice

    The Information Technology Institute at El Centro College offers Microsoft Certified Application Specialist preparation courses for Microsoft Word 2007, Excel 2007, Access 2007, and PowerPoint 2007. On-campus day courses are available, as well as online distance courses. Courses may be taken for credit or continuing education (non-credit).

    Depending on your experience, you may start at either the Introductory level or the Advanced level. Introductory level exams are designed to test your ability and general knowledge of Microsoft Office applications, while Advanced level exams are designed to verify your skills using advanced functions.

    What Can I Expect?

    Preparation classes offered at El Centro are structured to include lecture and hands-on training. Repeated production exams will be given to prepare for the certification exam, which is also a production test. The courses will emulate real-life experiences based on the way you actually use your computer. Using an actual document, you'll be asked to perform a series of tasks that clearly demonstrate your desktop computing skills. The typical exam takes one hour or less. In addition to measuring your skills, each exam also gauges your productivity.
  • Step 2: What Happens After Completing the Course(s)?

    Each course is structured to aid you in immediately obtaining certification through testing with an authorized testing center. El Centro College is an Authorized Testing Center. In addition to certification preparation, courses taken for credit can be applied toward one of three certificates: Personal Computer User, Personal Computer Specialist, Help Desk/User Support Technician and an Associate degree in Personal Computer Support. Marketable Skills Achievement Information Technology Support Specialist I/II awards are also available. In addition, a certificate of completion will be given for each course.
Microsoft Certified Application Specialist
Courses Available At El Centro College
Credit, Non-Credit, and Online Courses.
Introductory CoursesAdvanced Level Courses
Word 2007, ITSW 1401
Excel 2007, ITSW 1404
Access 2007, ITSW 1407
PowerPoint 2007, ITSC 1409/ITSW 1410
Excel 2007, ITSW 2434
Word 2007, ITSC 2421
Access 2007, ITSW 2437
PowerPoint 2007, ITSC 2431

Steps to Schedule Exams

  • Call to schedule exam or exams
  • Complete a Microsoft Certified Application Specialist Voucher provided at El Centro College Office A430.
  • Pay the Cashier for exam or exams.
  • Present 2 forms of ID to proctor at time of exam.

Program Policies

  1. Microsoft Office "Help" to be disabled in Microsoft Certified Application Specialist Exams.
  2. Live Application Testing.
  3. Challenging an Exam Item.
  4. Accommodation of Disabilities.

Reasonable Fees

The average cost nationwide for each exam is $75.00. Cost is subject to change. Vouchers are accepted.

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