Mission Statement

Promoting excellence in a diverse community by providing quality academic and CE/WF education in Humanities in an urban multicultural setting and a global society.    
  • HUMA 1302 Introduction to Humanities II (Core)
  • HUMA 1302-Introduction to the Humanities II:  Performance and Identity (Core)
  • HUMA 1305 – Introduction to Mexican-American Studies (Core)
  • HUMA 1311 – Mexican-American Fine Arts Appreciation (Core)
  • HUMA 1315 Fine Arts Appreciation (Core)
  • HUMA 1315-Fine Arts Appreciation through a Gendered Lens, Focus on Women in the Humanities (Core)
  • HUMA 2319 – American Minorities Studies (Core)
  • HUMA 2319-American Minorities Studies through Hip Hop (Core)
  • HUMA 2319-American Minorities Studies, Religion and the African American Community (Core)
  • HUMA 2323 – World Cultures
  • CUST 2370 Cultural Studies
  • Clemente Course in the Humanities (Free 6-hour College Course for students who demonstrate financial need)
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 Full Time Faculty

Vanessa Taylor - Faculty Coordinator

Adjunct Instructors

Jerry Jones -

Pamela Myers-Morgan -

Randall Garrett -

Jacqueline Smith -

Erica DeLaRosa-Granados

Pamela Myers-Morgan

Jacqueline Smith