Mission Statement

The El Centro History Department is devoted to encouraging critical thinking regarding historical issues and provide information and resources to develop ideas and opinions using sound, factual reasoning.  In addition, the department emphasizes the diversity within history by emphasizing the roles of all groups being studied including different racial/ethnic group, gender, and cultural groups. 

We believe everyone should have an opportunity to understand their own history and culture.  We also emphasize class discussion and writing to develop those skills and improving communication. 

The faculty also tries to make history enjoyable for students who may have not had a positive experience in their pre-college educational experiences.  In addition, we are dedicated to make our classes a comfortable learning environment for all students.  We try to make ourselves available to students to discuss their issues and problems whether academic or personal. 

We bend over backwards to retain each and every student regardless of the challenges life presents to El Centro students.  We all want success for our students.


Full Time Faculty

Adjunct Faculty