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Enrollment Guidelines

Enrollment Guidelines:

Program Overview: 

  • An Academy student must enroll in a minimum of 12 total credit hours each fall and spring semester.  The twelve credit hours each semester must consist of at least 2-4 credit hours of engineering specific courses offered through Texas A&M and taught by Dwight Look College faculty on the El Centro College campus while the remaining credit hours will be offered through El Centro College. Exceptions to these guidelines will be approved only under extenuating circumstances.
  • Academy students will be placed in math, science and engineering sections with other Academy students during their first academic year to enhance academic success.
  • An Academy student may enroll in a total of six Texas A&M credit hours during the summer and a total of six El Centro College credit hours per summer term.  Exceptions to these guidelines will be approved only under extenuating circumstances.
  • An Academy student who drops or withdraws from his/her Texas A&M engineering course offered on the El Centro campus will be withdrawn from Texas A&M for that semester, thus forfeiting all Texas A&M student privileges for the remainder of the term.  Pending course availability, this student may continue in the Academy the subsequent semester.
  • An Academy student must plan his/her course schedule to ensure completion of the program in a timely manner. Academy students will have dedicated advisors from both El Centro College and Texas A&M Engineering to provide guidance.   
  • An Academy student must apply (upon eligibility) for reverse transfer to receive their Associate Degree from El Centro. Administration from both campuses are committed to student success.  This includes confirming the Associate Degree credential even while working to earn a baccalaureate degree.
  • Co-enrollment at both Texas A&M University and El Centro College provides enrolled students the option to participate in all student services, student activities, student organizations, etc., and to the fullest extent possible at both institutions.  However, participation in NCAA Division 1 sports is not allowed for El Centro Academy students.

 Grade and Credit Requirements

  • Courses taken at El Centro must be appropriate for the student’s preferred major at Texas A&M. Other courses may not be counted toward meeting the minimum required credit hours.
  • Any transferable credits earned through institutions other than DCCCD or Texas A&M prior to entry into the Academy will count toward El Centro College’s credit requirement only; grades received for these credits will not count toward the El Centro College Academy GPA requirement. Once a student has entered the Academy, all credits must be earned at Texas A&M and DCCCD if they are to be used to satisfy Academy completion requirements. Any Credit by Examination received through Texas A&M while co-enrolled will count toward the El Centro College credit requirement.
  • Successful and timely completion of the Academy requires that participants have a minimum CGPA of 2.5 on at least 50 hours of transferable work from El Centro and a minimum cGPA of 2.5 on at least 10 credit hours of engineering specific courses from Texas A&M (Texas A&M courses offered on the El Centro campus).

GPA Calculation

  • Texas A&M does not do grade replacement when calculating cumulative GPA.  Texas A&M will calculate academy students’ GPA as per Texas A&M GPA student rule 10, which includes the following:
  • 10.13.2: The hours for which a student receives a grade of “satisfactory” shall not be included in the computation of the student’s semester or cumulative grade point ratio; a grade of “unsatisfactory” shall be included in the computation of the student’s grade points per credit hour as an F. A grade of “satisfactory” will be given only for grades of C and above; a grade of “unsatisfactory” will be given for grades D and F.
  • 10.22: A student repeating a course completed at Texas A&M University in which a grade of B or better has been earned will not receive grade points for the repeated course, unless the catalog states the course may be repeated for credit.