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New Art Classes

Art Classes and the CORE Curriculum



Courses in Tier 2 reinforce and apply the knowledge and skills that you learned in Tier 1. 

Quoted from the CORE Curriculum statement:

"The objective of the humanities and visual and performing arts in a core curriculum is to expand students' knowledge of the human condition and human culture, especially in relation to behaviors, ideas and values expressed in works of human imagination and thought. ... Students should have experiences in both the arts and humanities."

TIER 2 - CORE DOMAINS  Humanity, Creativity, and the Aesthetic Experience

This learning category focuses on the value of literature, philosophy, and the visual and performing arts. You will be able to critically analyze and form artistic judgments about the arts and humanities.

Art Appreciation (1301) and Art History I & II (1303 and 1304) are included in the following Tier 2 category.


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