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Sprint to Finish Business Online

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What is Sprint to Finish Business Online?

This fast track program allows you to complete your general education (core) requirements and earn your Associate of Science degree with a Field of Study in Business Administration and Management by taking a schedule of 8-week online courses.


Sprint to Finish Business Online Path

  Semester 1 Fall/Spring Semester 2 Fall/Spring Summer / May Term / Winter Term Semester 3 Fall/Spring Semester 4 Fall/Spring
First 8 WeeksEDUC 1300
ENGL 1301
MATH 1324
ENGL 1302
ECON 2301
ARTS 1301
BCIS 1305
PHED 1164
PHIL 1301
BUSI 2305
GEOL 1401
ACCT 2301
GOVT 2305
Second 8 WeeksHIST 1301
SPCH 1315
HIST 1302
BUSI 1301
ECON 2302
ENVR 1401
ACCT 2302
GOVT 2306

Check out the Sprint to Finish Business Online Plan