Chef Uniforms

Kitchen Lab Professional Attire Standards

White Chef Jacket – Clean and wrinkle-free white chef coat preferably with El Centro College logo on left chest and FHI logo on right sleeve. Optional name embroidered on right chest.

Black or Hound’s-tooth Pants – Clean and wrinkle-free black or hound’s-tooth (black and white small checked) chef pants or work pants, baggy or traditional cut.

Chef’s Hat – Chef’s hat may be skull cap, floppy or toque, black or white. No ball caps.

Neckerchief (optional) – White knotted or tied cravat-style.

Apron – White or black, bib or bistro style.

Kitchen Shoes – Black, comfortable, commercial-style, closed toe with non-slip sole and leather or water-resistant uppers.

Socks – White or black socks.

T-Shirt – White, no lettering, designs or insignia showing through your chef jacket.

Ink pen, Sharpie and Instant Read Thermometer in your sleeve packet.

Students are required to conform to these professional attire standards in every lab-based Food and Hospitality Institute class. Students may be asked to leave class if found to be out of compliance of these standards.

Students are required to abide by all health department regulations including beard nets, no jewelry except plain wedding band, etc.