Health Information Packets

Packets are now available in PDF format for downloading and saving to your computer.

You may also contact the Health Occupations Admissions Office and they will send you an information packet for the program(s) of your interest.

Updated September 22, 2017

Download Packets:

AD Nursing (El Centro and Northlake campuses only)
Cardiac Sonography
Dental Hygiene (Fall 2017)
Diagnostic Medical Sonography (2018)
EMT Application/Enrollment Packet
Health Professions Readiness Awards I and II (2017-18)
Invasive Cardiovascular Technology
LVN to RN Advanced Placement
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Medical Assisting (2017)
Medical Lab Technology (2017)
Paramedic Certificate (Civilian)
Paramedic Certificate (Department)
Radiologic Sciences (2017)
Respiratory Care (2017)
Surgical Technologist (2017)
Vocational Nursing (2017)

Hospital Partnership Programs:

Associate Degree Nursing at Hospital Corporation of America (HCA)
Associate Degree Nursing at Methodist Health System (MHS)
LVN-RN Advanced Placement Bridge (VANTHCS)

Immunization Requirements

NEW  Medical Information and Immunizations are required of all applicants to be accepted into an El Centro College Health Profession Program.

Applicant Instructions Regarding Immunizations and Health Forms