Associate Degree Nursing (ADN)

Associate of Applied Science

Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) is a full-time program that includes lecture, skills lab and clinical experience, with rotations involving both day and evening hours.

entry wage for registered nurses
Projected job growth through 2026
months to earn this degree (minimum)
cost of in-county tuition to earn this degree

Students begin hospital rotations the first semester after admission to the program and rotate through area hospitals, participating in a wide variety of procedures.

Associate Degree Nursing graduates are eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) to become licensed as a registered nurse (RN) in Texas.

on America Career Infonet's list of top 36 careers

Career Information

Registered nurses (RNs) perform tests, give medicine to patients and educate the public under the direction of doctors. Most nursing jobs are in hospitals, but RNs may also work in clinics, doctors’ offices, home health care settings, nursing care facilities, schools and surgical centers.

For jobs requiring at least an associate degree, America’s Career Infonet lists registered nurses as number-one of its top 36 careers with the most job openings through 2022. U.S. News and World Report’s Money Careers’ lists registered nurses as sixth in its top 36 “best health care jobs” through the next decade.

Not sure about the difference between registered nurses (RNs), vocational nurses (LVNs) and nursing assistants (CNAs)? Read more about careers in nursing.

ADN Licensure Pass Rate

 FA 12SP 13FA 13SP 14FA 14SP 15FA 15SP 16FA 16SP 17
El Centro/North Lake83.2582.1677/77.3781.63/60.5180.65/6763.46/8066.67/72.7277.27/71.15
Bridge – El Centro  93.3363.64905078.5755
Bridge – Veterans Administration (VA)100100  80 60 
Health Corporation of America (HCA)90.3285.188387.584.27010080
Methodist Health System (MHS)63.6375.6160.6681.2590677590
Texas Health Resources (THR)73.6891.6685.71




Outliers ( previous graduate who did not test with graduating class)





13.63  (aug, 2015, spring 2015,fall 2014, spring 2013)16.66  (fall 2012,fall 2015,spring 2016, unknown)
El Centro College Pass rate per NCSBN81.2182.4775.6670.7969.89
Texas Pass rate per NCSBN 76.8182.4084.36 
National Pass rate per NCSBN81.3479.2582





ADN Program Completion

AdmittedSP 11 - 188FA 11 - 177SP 12 - 189FA 12 - 195SP 13 - 188FA 13 - 190SP 14 - 186FA 14 - 194SP 15 - 171FA 15 167 SP 16 163FA 16 - 170
GraduatedFA 12SP 13FA 13SP 14FA 14SP 15FA 15SP 16FA 16SP 17FA 17SP 18
El Centro/North Lake88969589849582899189  
Bridge – El Centro1471115191514182012  
Bridge – Veterans Administration (VA)4 2 2  6 3  
Health Corporation of America (HCA)561419911201684  
Methodist Health System (MHS)152019191617108910  
Texas Health Resources (THR)1616141513141814914  
Number that graduated145145155157143152144151107132  
El Centro College Completion Rate (150%) 77%           82%82%              81%76%            80%77%             78%63%               79% 


ADN Job Placement

El Centro College AD91.36%90.92%90.19%95.30%  


Nursing Programs

Looking for info about nursing careers? As an additional resource, the Dallas County Community College District offers general career and pathways overview for nursing.